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Well firstly, we are not another job board.

We sit in the Career Relationship Management Category, which means that we provide an end-to-end solution from the day someone is looking for a new job, to the day they get hired, to the day they want to transition to something else.

Not just a recruiting space, but a valuable resource for existing employees.

But yes, we have a job board.

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With our cutting-edge suite of talent acquisition solutions, you can expedite your hiring process and connect with top-tier talent swiftly. Whether you're aiming to boost your credibility with verified employment data or expand your network through live video interactions and podcast interviews, we provide the tools you need to re-engineer your recruitment strategy. Say farewell to traditional methods and embrace a more efficient, effective, and enjoyable hiring journey with us.


JobzTrust: Enhance recruiting success with verified information

In today's competitive job market, credibility is key. With JobzTrust, gain a competitive edge by accessing verified employment information before the interview. Our platform allows you to know the information you are reviewing before the interview is accurate, boosting your credibility with hiring managers and saving you time and hassle in the hiring process.


JobzForum: Curated live video rooms

Step into the future of recruiting with our curated live video rooms. Connect visually with candidates before any interview, amplifying your visibility and expanding your professional network. Experience an environment where professionals from different industries and career stages come together to learn and share, all while making valuable connections.


JobzConnect: Expand your professional network and build your talent pipeline

Swipe your way to your next candidate with JobzConnect's intuitive matching platform. See candidates before you interview, boosting your confidence and reducing anxiety throughout the hiring process. Our easy-to-use messaging system allows you to connect with candidates, ask questions, and schedule interviews directly from the platform, streamlining your recruitment efforts and saving you time. With JobzConnect, building your talent pipeline has never been easier or more efficient.


JobzTalk: Connect with candidates through podcast interviews

Elevate your recruiting efforts with JobzTalk, where you can connect with candidates through podcast interviews. Showcase your company and make yourself visible to potential candidates while networking with like-minded professionals. Discover a new way to connect with candidates and enhance your recruiting strategy, all while expanding your network and making meaningful connections.


JobzVault: Mine the vault of podcasts

Unlock a treasure trove of candidate insights with JobzVault. Access past recordings and listen to how candidates handle interviews, gaining valuable insights into their skills and experiences. Reduce bias and discrimination with audio-only podcast recordings that promote fair and unbiased hiring practices. Dive into JobzVault and discover a wealth of candidate resources to elevate your recruiting efforts.

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We've got A's for your Q's

Are the audio and video calls in JobzFourm scheduled regularly?

Yes, we curate regular audio and video calls featuring industry experts and recruiters to provide members with valuable networking opportunities.

How does the online matching algorithm in JobzConnect work?

JobzConnect uses advanced algorithms to match members based on their criteria and preferences, facilitating meaningful connections and networking opportunities.

Can JobzForum sessions be recorded?

No, all JobzCafe sessions are conducted live and not recorded to ensure privacy and confidentiality for all participants.

Is there a limit to the number of candidates I can connect with using JobzConnect?

No, there is no limit to the number of candidates you can connect with using JobzConnect. Our platform provides unlimited access to potential candidates to help you build your talent pipeline effectively.

Can I access past recordings in JobzVault?

Yes, you can access past interviews and insights easily through JobzVault's searchable database of podcast recordings.

How does JobzVault help reduce bias in the hiring process?

JobzVault promotes fair and unbiased hiring practices by offering audio-only podcast recordings. By eliminating visual cues, our platform helps reduce biases and discrimination during the hiring process.

How often are members featured on JobzTalk?

We feature members on our podcast regularly, providing opportunities for you to share your insights and experiences with our audience.

Can I switch between monthly and quarterly membership plans?

Yes, you have the flexibility to choose between monthly and quarterly membership plans based on your preferences and needs.

What does the bi-annual background verification entail?

Our bi-annual background verification process ensures that the candidate's background is accurately represented, giving you confidence in ensuring transparency with potential hires.

Do you charge for posting job openings?

No, we never charge for posting job openings on Jobz Cafe™️. We believe in providing equal opportunities for all employers to connect with potential candidates, regardless of their budget. Our platform is dedicated to helping people find meaningful employment and charging for job postings goes against our core mission. Instead of charging for posting job openings, we offer additional services to enhance your recruitment efforts, such as accessing our candidate database or using our proprietary connect module. Our commitment is to support both employers and job seekers in finding the perfect match without financial barriers.

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