What makes us us!

Jobz Cafe™️ has been a long time in the making!

We believe everyone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves and be valued and respected while contributing to it.

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What we value

We like to keep things simple, so collaborators can easily call on our values when needed.

When dealing with others within the company or externally with customers and vendors,

these values lead us to the decisions we make.


Never stop asking WHY!


Treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.


Been seen, be heard and be honest.

What we are here to do


This means that we do the work we love to do, that we are good at, and get paid what the job is worth. Now, this is a bit controversial – the worth of the job is not the worth of the person doing it.

We could have labeled this our manifesto in so far as we want to make a public declaration of our intentions or we could have labeled this our creed as we anticipate this set of beliefs and values will define who we are as a company.

Nonetheless, we choose DNA as it goes to the core of what we want to stand for. We may not always reach the mark, but fundamentally this is who we will be.

Finally a word from the founder

The word "job" should not be synonymous with "just over broke", but rather, "join our beliefs".

My life's mission is to enable people to thrive by pursuing their passions and earning what they deserve, whether it's as an employee or an entrepreneur launching the next big thing.

Resumes can only tell a fraction of someone's story, and many struggle to articulate their unique value on paper.

That's why Jobz Cafe™️ is so important to me - it provides a platform to transform the way people approach work, from the recruitment process to how employees are treated and compensated.

Together, we can re-imagine the world of work.

Bronwyn OShea, PhD

Chair & Founder

Your journey, your success!

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