It is not about what you do, it is about who you are

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Love what you do and do what you love

Life is too short, not to enjoy what you are doing for a good chunk of your time.

What are we exactly!

We sit in the Career Relationship Management Category, which means that we provide an end-to-end solution from the day an individual wants a new job, to the day they get hired, to the day they want to transition to something else.

We look to provide tools and resources to make the process of looking for a job as painless as it can be, and we all know the pain looking for a job causes.  We also know how tedious it is for recruiters to find the best candidate under often stressful, time-limiting situations.

Why work with us?

  • We encourage collaborators to cross-train
  • We share ownership of the company with collaborators
  • We show collaborators everything, salaries, finances, the works
  • Bonuses are tied to profit, not salaries



We are a woman-owned business and some say this can make a very successful company – see research that shows that having women in C-level roles increases net profit.



The modern organizational structure is evolving to meet the next generation. A shared or distributed leadership structure caters to a high-performance culture by allowing individuals to do what they are good at and minimizing the need to do things they are not able to excel at.



We all spend considerable amounts of time in the pursuit of goals and so we encourage individuals to obtain these goals, whether within Jobz Cafe or personal. Work/Life balance is a fallacy, there is only life, where we contribute to achieving our one life.



Another thing that make companies successful is diversity, both in race and gender harmony. We have both male and females and are multinational in our team.

Enter Tomorrow's Recruiting: Where every candidate fits perfectly!

In your journey toward a fulfilling career, every choice counts. At Jobz Cafe™️, you might be just seeking a job; but you will be shaping the path to your future success. Working here, you immerse yourself in a dynamic environment where every interaction fuels your professional growth. At Jobz Cafe™️, we don’t own employees; rather we are custodians for whatever length of time employees are with us.

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