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Whether you're just starting or aiming for executive-level success, we have the resources and guidance you need to thrive. Our 3 different memberships assist your career path at every step and level you choose.


Barista's Brew: Start your journey

Begin your career journey with Barista's Brew - our foundational membership plan that provides essential resources to kickstart your career development strategy. With Barista's Brew, you'll gain access to:

  • JobzStory - The Resume: Craft a compelling story that showcases your unique skills and experiences.
  • JobzZone - The Job Board: Explore curated job opportunities tailored to your interests and skills.
  • JobzVault - Past Podcast Recordings: Learn from the experiences of other job seekers and recruiters through our podcast archive.
  • Career Academy: Access FREE courses and resources on our mobile app to enhance your career development.


Cafe Connoisseur: Elevate your networking

Elevate your networking game with Cafe Connoisseur - our membership plan focused on proactive career networking and engagement. In addition to all the features of Barista's Brew, Cafe Connoisseur offers:

  • JobzForum - Curated Audio and Video Calls: Engage in exclusive discussions with industry experts and recruiters.
  • JobzConnect - Online Matching Algorithm: Connect with members who meet your criteria and expand your professional circle.
  • JobzR8ter - Proprietary Recruiter Rating: Rate recruiters and hold them accountable for transparent interactions.
  • JobzChat - Direct Messaging with Recruiters: Communicate directly with recruiters and industry professionals within our community.


Chef's Table: Accelerate your career

Accelerate your career growth with Chef's Table - our membership plan designed for ambitious professionals ready to take their careers to the next level. In addition to all the features of Cafe Connoisseur, Chef's Table offers:

  • 1 Chat Away Club - A Private Mastermind Group: Gain insights and support from peers and mentors in a private mastermind group.
  • JobzTalk - Podcast: Showcase your expertise and gain exposure by being featured on our podcast.
  • JobzTarget - Professional Introductions: Receive personalized introductions to companies aligned with your career goals.
  • JobzTrust - Bi-Annual Background Verification: Stay ahead with bi-annual background checks for transparency in your job search.


We've got A's for your Q's

Who is Jobz Cafe™️ for?

Jobz Cafe™️ is for anyone who is looking to make a change in their career and chart a more fulfilling course.  

Whether you're 2 months or 20 years into a career, are considering a career change or are currently unemployed, there's something for everyone at every stage of the professional journey. 

Am I guaranteed a job?

While we'd love to be able to guarantee a job, we aren't fortune tellers. What we can guarantee is that you'll be given the tools, techniques, and support you need to clarify what you want, articulate your worth, and lead a strategic job search. 

Not to mention, that if you're not satisfied with the value you receive in Jobz Cafe™️, we'll happily issue a refund—with only one question asked - WHY! 

Is Barista's Brew really free?

Yes! We understand the financial constraints many job seekers face, which is why Barista's Brew is always free of charge.

How do I access the resources included in Barista's Brew?

Simply sign up for an account on our platform to gain instant access to JobzStory, JobzZone, JobzVault, and Career Academy.

Are the courses in Career Academy mobile-friendly?

Absolutely! Our mobile app ensures that you can access courses and resources on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.

Can I switch between the traditional and priority version of JobzZone?

Yes, you have the flexibility to choose the version that best suits your preferences and needs.

Are the podcast recordings in JobzVault updated regularly?

Yes, we regularly update JobzVault with new podcast recordings featuring insights from industry experts and professionals.

How do I get started with Barista's Brew?

Simply sign up for your free account to start accessing the resources included in Barista's Brew today.

How does Cafe Connoisseur differ from Barista's Brew?

Cafe Connoisseur offers all the resources included in Barista's Brew, plus exclusive features such as JobzForum, JobzConnect, JobzR8ter, and JobzChat, designed to enhance your networking and engagement experience.

Can I switch between monthly and quarterly membership plans?

Yes, you have the flexibility to choose between monthly and quarterly membership plans based on your preferences and needs.

Are the audio and video calls in JobzForum scheduled regularly?

Yes, we curate regular audio and video calls featuring industry experts and recruiters to provide members with valuable networking opportunities.

How does the online matching algorithm in JobzConnect work?

JobzConnect uses advanced algorithms to match members based on their criteria and preferences, facilitating meaningful connections and networking opportunities.

Is JobzR8ter anonymous?

Yes, JobzR8ter allows you to share your experiences and rate recruiters anonymously, ensuring transparency and accountability within the community.

Can I access JobzChat even if I haven't connected with a recruiter yet?

Yes, once you're a member of Cafe Connoisseur, you can apply for jobs and then direct messaging with recruiters.

How does Chef's Table differ from Cafe Connoisseur?

Chef's Table offers all the features of Cafe Connoisseur, plus exclusive benefits such as access to a private mastermind group, participation in our podcast, professional introductions, and bi-annual background verification.

Can I join the 1 Chat Away Club if I'm new to the industry?

Absolutely! The 1 Chat Away Club is open to members at all career stages, providing a supportive environment for peer collaboration, mentoring and private mastermind groups.

How often are members featured on JobzTalk?

We feature members on our podcast regularly, providing opportunities for you to share your insights and experiences with our audience.

How does JobzTarget make introductions on my behalf?

Our team leverages our extensive network of industry connections to facilitate introductions to companies that align with your career goals and aspirations.

What does the bi-annual background verification entail?

Our bi-annual background verification process ensures that your professional background is accurately represented, giving you confidence in your job search and ensuring transparency with potential employers.

Can I upgrade my membership plan from monthly to quarterly or vice versa?

Yes, you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your membership plan based on your preferences and needs.

How does the Buffet differ from other membership plans?

The Buffet offers flexibility and customization, allowing you to choose and pay for only the services you need, whenever you need them. Unlike fixed membership plans, The Buffet lets you tailor your experience based on your evolving career goals and priorities.

Can I purchase services from the Buffet separately or as part of a bundled package?

Yes, you have the option to purchase services from The Buffet separately or as part of a bundled package. Our goal is to provide you with the flexibility to customize your experience according to your preferences and budget.

How does JobzPrep work?

JobzPrep allows you to practice video interviewing in a simulated environment, receive feedback from peers and mentors, and refine your interview skills to increase your chances of success in real interviews.

Are the professional introductions in JobzTarget personalized to my career goals?

Yes, our team will tailor professional introductions to companies that align with your specific career goals and aspirations, ensuring that you have access to relevant opportunities in your desired industry.

How often can I use JobzTrust for background verification?

With The Buffet, you have the flexibility to use JobzTrust for background verification whenever you need it, providing you with ongoing confidence and transparency in your job search efforts.

Can I integrate services from The Buffet into my existing career strategy?

Absolutely! The Buffet is designed to complement your existing career strategy by providing you with the flexibility to customize your experience and integrate services as needed to support your goals and objectives.

A Customer's Voice

Bronwyn coached me after my role as a Usability Lead in Gaming abruptly ended due to funding running out. She helped me improve my resume and refine my navigation of the competitive gaming job market. Instead of solely relying on online applications, she emphasized a strategic approach, encouraging me, among other things, to tap into my extended network.

Bronwyn connected me with a seasoned professional who provided tailored insights into my job search. Bronwyn's mentorship refocused my immediate job hunt and equipped me with enduring networking skills crucial for long-term career growth.

Bronwyn's guidance served as a beacon in the murky waters of post-graduate uncertainty, steering me toward sustainable success in the gaming industry.

— Cole

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